Installing matminer

Matminer requires Python 3.6+.

There are a couple of quick and easy ways to install matminer (see also some tips below):

Install and update via pip

If you have installed pip, simply run the command in a bash terminal:

$ pip install matminer

or, to install matminer in your user home folder, run the command:

$ pip install matminer --user

To update matminer, simply type pip install --upgrade matminer.

Install in development mode

To install from the latest source of the matminer code in developmental mode, clone the Git source:

$ git clone

and then enter the cloned repository/folder to install in developer mode:

$ cd matminer
$ python develop

To update matminer, enter your cloned folder and type git pull followed by python develop.


  • Make sure you are using Python 3.6 or higher

  • If you have trouble with the installation of a component library (sympy, pymatgen, mdf-forge, etc.), you can try to run pip install <<component>> or (if you are using Anaconda) conda install <<component>> first, and then re-try the installation.

    • For example, installing pymatgen on a Windows platform is easiest with Anaconda via conda install -c conda-forge pymatgen.

  • If you still have trouble, open up a ticket on our forum describing your problem in full (including your system specifications, Python version information, and input/output log). There is a good likelihood that someone else is running into the same issue, and by posting it on the forum we can help make the documentation clearer and smoother.