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Change log


Added new features:

  • Revamped lineshape plotter.
  • Added cache_wavefunction option to control memory demand (see docs for more details).
  • Added revtex plot style support. Enabled by adding --style revtex to the end of plotting commands.
  • Massive (~100x) speedup for calculating polar optical phonon frequency.


Fix PyPi installation.


Fix GitHub releases.


Major update with many new features:

  • Elastic, dielectric, and piezoelectric tensors are now supported.
  • Wave function coefficients are now desymmetrised on the fly, meaning wavefunction.h5 files are much smaller.
  • New tool to extract wave function coefficients that removes the pawpyseed and is much faster. This is a python only implementation and doesn't require compiling any additional codes.
  • Mesh properties (scattering rates etc, energies, velocities) stored in a separate mesh.h5 file which is much smaller and faster to read.
  • Revamped unit tests.

Lots of bug fixes, including fixing compatibility with quadpy.


Bug fix for latest quadpy version.


Fix pypi description.


Add release and packaging support.


Initial release containing:

  • amset command line tool
  • Ionized impurity, acoustic deformation potential, piezeoelectric, and polar optical phonon scattering.
  • Quantum mechanical wave function overlaps.
  • Modified tetrahedron integration.


Project created.